What a big boy!!!

Today has been a great day for Jameson!! He had to have a little bit of blood taken, and barely let it bother him.  He has been cooing and smiling for the majority of the day!  He did however have one little incident where he pulled his feeding tube out again!  But I have some awesome news to share. Jameson has started to eat from his bottle again. Slow little bits at a time but surely! He is scheduled to have an operation on friday of this week to have a semi perm feeding tube put in. Im guessing he has decided that this is not an option! It seems to me that we ae getting our boy back! Everyday is a new day and we will continue to fight the fight, with everyday seeming to be better and better. Heres hoping that he keeps up with his feeding like a big boy. His vomiting has subsided dramatically, another big step! momma is so proud of you buddy

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  1. grampa truck says:

    glad to hear he is doing better hope he can get back to feeding like a big boy soon

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