were back!!!!

First and foremost  Justin and i would like to apologize.  This blog was intended to keep family and friends up to par on Jameson’s progress. We have not been keeping up on our writing as much as we would like. The last few weeks have been super hectic. We finally all got to go home, with lots of homework to do and things to learn to take care of our little guy. Between giving meds, shots, diapers,both children and visitors we have barely enough time to sleep. We returned to Maine med last Tuesday for three days of inpatient chemo. needless to say we are still her and it is Saturday night. Jameson has not yet been given the chemo that was scheduled for Tuesday due to a large amount of fluid in his tummy. The doctors first noticed this when we arrived on Tuesday. The first step was to have an x-ray of the stomach which in turn gave us no answers. Step two was an ultrasound of the belly which showed a large pocket of fluid on the right side of his abdomen. Thankful for some type of results we waited until the next morning for him to have his stomach tapped. this means that the Dr’s would put Jameson under and stick a needle in the side of his stomach  and hopefully drain most or all of the fluid. The “tap” went well with almost a total of a liter of fluid removed from his stomach. He looked like a new little guy!  Later on that day we noticed that the stomach was getting large again.  The plan was to watch Jameson over the weekend and have the one last test back from the fluid to see if the fluid was cancer cells. The prelim results are that it is not cancerous cells, but like i said the final results will not be back until Monday.

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  1. Sue says:

    We’re all still prayin’ – keep the faith!

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