we are making progress..

Today was a good day. As you all may know Jameson was discharged on Dec 22nd and readmitted on Dec 26th. He had been doing amazing at home. He was laughing, talking,smiling and sleeping! As a matter of fact he only vomited once throughout this time. Monday night around midnight i noticed that something wasn’t right. According to the dr’s orders always check the temp when he starts acting strange. So Justin and i brought Jameson upstairs in hopes of going to bed.Noticeably still fussy i decided to take his temp. 1oo.5 is considered a fever and that’s what he had. I nervously called our oncologists office to let them know what was going on.  We were directed to drive to the nearest hospital to get an immediate shot of antibiotics and have blood drawn.  As quickly as we could we packed Jameson and ourselves up and headed to Brunswick. We arrived at the hospital around 20 minuted later. Blood was drawn and antibiotics were given. The doctors said that he has a very low white blood count, which is normal for patients of chemotherapy. But he still had a fever. They let us know that the antibiotic they would be administering could cause an unsafe spike in his blood pressure, and that we would have to wait an hour before we could go.  An hour or so later there were two paramedics waiting at his bedside to rush Jameson to Maine med. Justin followed closely behind. We finally arrived  at Maine Med around 3am, and here we sit. But today is a new day and also brings new hope. I spoke with the head nurse earlier this evening about the plan of action. The good news is that Jameson’s white blood cells are rapidly growing back! He is about 11.6 pounds which is a gain! He is super happy and smiley. Currently sleeping like a little angel that he is. Here’s hoping the wbc continues to increase. Tomorrow is another day and i have no doubts that our little man will pull all the way through this! before i go i would like to put something in here for another special boy. His name is finnian and he is also in here fighting cancer. we have become quite fond of his parents. Please take a moment to pray for this young man and his family. Thank you. promise i will try to keep all posted as much as possible.

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  1. Cortney says:

    So Happy to hear he is doing better. I was very blessed to be able to hold him on xmas eve. He is such a stong little guy, he amazes me. Such a fighter. Always in our thoughts and prayers.

    Cortney, Josh, & Peyton

  2. Linda J. Simmons says:

    I feel your elation for the good and your pain when it is not so good. I recently had a granddaughter born 7 weeks early who had to have an operation on her small intestine the day after her birth and for three months was in and out of NIC and Barbara Bush Children’s Wing. We almost lost her one night as she was bleeding internally. Its a very scary thing to have a child that small be sick. We thank God that she survived and was diagnosed and treated. My daughter and I and other family members spent almost three months at Maine Medical Center.

    I know how scary it can be fore you as I myself recently became a survivor of breast cancer. God Bless your family, especially little Jameson. I will keep him in my prayers.

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