There are such things as angels…..

Today has been  awesome so far!  Jameson has been awake since about eight am. He is constantly smilin, talking and laughing!  He is continuing with his bottle feedings. The numbers on the scale are good evidence of this 11 lbs 4oz  is the most jameson has ever weighed!  No more puking either! im so happy to be able to share good news! The word is that i meet with dr.challef tonight around 5:30 ish for the final pathology results..can you say nervous?  Please keep the prayers coming as they have helped us all so very much thank you!!!

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  1. Tina Brilyea Giles says:

    I pray each and every day for Jameson. He is a strong boy and he is loved very much by everyone in the world. God Bless you Jameson and you family!!!!

    • rebecca Copland says:

      Thoughts and prayers for Jameson and his entire family..He is such a precious little boy.Sending hugs and much love to all..

  2. Kara Moore says:

    Im so happy to hear Jameson is doing better! Ive been praying for you and your precious little boy everyday,and will continue to do so each and everyday! I love you very much. Please kiss Jameson for me and tell him his aunty loves him.

  3. Erin Dunn says:

    Justin & Kristen: There have to be angels, somewhere, looking down or standing beside, holding a hand and to Jameson- you two are his angels. I wish you guys strength, every day as every day I think about your family and J. I hope you will be able to have as beautiful of a Christmas as you ever could have imagined this year and that progress keeps presenting itself. All the best, hugs to Jade and love to the families from the island, Erin M. Dunn.

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