bring on the sunshine..

Today was a very-eventful day! like they say no news is good news. The nurses are telling me that there was an infection but it is still unknown where or why. Jameson’s fever never did come back and the antibiotics are doing there job! The first white blood cell counts was down to 0.04 and yesterday they were a big 0.8 and today they are an even bigger 60! As soon as these blood cells continue to climb steadily  and they figure out  exactly what antibiotics can be given at home we will hopefully be on our way. Today is also the second day in a row that Jameson has had completely normal eye movements! no more wiggle and googly eyes! i have a lot of faith in my little boy that he will pull totally through this and take this cancer for the ride of its life! please keep the prayers coming because they are certainly working.Jameson is truly my miracle baby boy. keep lighting up our lives with you sunshine buddy!

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  1. Alissa Sherman Berryman says:

    Hi Justin and Kristen-

    Talked to Laura who told me about baby. Just letting you know my thoughts are with you. Had friend go through something similar with Neuroblastoma. Try and keep your health/spirits up. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

    Take care.

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